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The Apache Motel in Moab Utah

Another notch in our Mid-Century Motel belt is the Apache Motel in Moab, Utah (be careful, fabulous photos ahead!) Thanks to my friend Staci for this one!

The ONLY place we will ever stay for a shower/pool/sleep-in-a-real-bed break in the midst of summer camping/exploring adventures in the Canyonlands area is The Apache Motel in Moab, Utah. Here is a link –   Actually, they have a sign out on the main street/highway that looks like a big arrow that was shot into the ground!

The Apache is definitely not fancy or luxurious, but they have great rates and they are far away from the noisy main drag. We love their pool at the end if a hot day!

We used to always catch breakfast at a place in Moab called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that was Mid-century decor heaven, but they closed. I think she has a restaurant somewhere in Arizona still…

Sounds like a fabulous place to stay and Moab is always on our list of favorite vacation spots!

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  • Jennie
    April 19, 2010 at 12:00 am

    We stayed the the Apache Motel on our first trip to Moab. It’s so cool! We always try to stay there when we go to Moab. It’s great to see old motels maintained as well as this one.

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